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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Yam Cake--Angie's Choice alike

Its my 1st time.. BIG risk for my friends bday manz... but I did it.. thou the cream was veryhard to settle... but it does taste liek orh ni alright

Was rushing through this Yam cake for my friend Birthday... I risked doing this cake.. mainly because i do not know what flavour does this friend like for a cake.. and I remember she loves my Orh Ni.. and so I did this.. it sure taste like the orhni.. just not as thick... since there is a little cream in it... Very diff to make a smooth surface.. .I tried very hard fort his cake.. considering Im very tired today hehe..
Happy Birthday Bao...
Rushing thru anotehr identical cake.. less the decor... so I can snap the crozz section of the cake
can see its very very hurry kind of spreading and icing cum cutting hehe.. but well. like my gfs said.. delicious can liao