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Saturday, December 30, 2006

My Bakes...

Did a green tea red bean mousse Cake again yesterday.. for Meiyue's birthday =) glad the girls liek it.. just that the sponge seems a bit wet today. anyway the cake is gone =)

Today I finaly pick up enough courage to try some muffin... well... courage... why?? cos i totaly forgotten how muffin taste like.. thinkt he last time i had muffin was in Sweden.. is it?? Hmmm.. anyway well it seems not too bad except I need to tweak the flavour a bit more.. not very flavourful.

Added some blue berries ont op as I have frozen 3 tub of blueberries... forgot to thaw them and just push them onto the batter.. haha end up the blueberry din burst with juices... gotto poke them 1 by 1 aft baking.. i love blue berries.. maybe I should have added more yeah?