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Monday, January 22, 2007

Kek Lapis

Finaly got enough courage.. and out of my lazy shell to do this...
thanx to Serene who came and help mi get my condense milk..else the lapis will not be here today.

This is Kek Lapis not kueh Lapis.. the kueh lapis is the colourful and steam one that is call nonya kueh.
Many people liek to eat this for CNy.. i dont know the real reason.. but its very expensive selling out there.. like $40 per cake. Mainly because this requires alot of work.. i gotto stand in front of the oven for 3 hours do layer by layer..
Now I must get smart.. nxt time if I want to do i shall do 2 cake at 1 go LOL.. that way also about 3 hours plus.. gheez....

Close up view

Most people bake in square tin.. i dont know why but my square tin too big.. so i use my round one. Well looks decent enough.. now gotto wait and see if tomolo it will mellow and taste better... I simply love the smell.

Thanx to Cranberry who share this with me... hope I got guts to try KH's one soon