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Monday, July 09, 2007

Rice Paper Spring Roll

I did some similar spring rolls yesterday for lunch.. with diff filling thou, and dear seem to like it. So much tat I do no thave a chance to snap a photo of it.

So today.. feeling lazy. I decided to make sth with the rice paper again. This time round I decided to wrap it up with the spicy bean paste sauce with minced meat... improvised a little and added soem tofu as well as tang myung. The spicy bean apste is a little too spicy fo rme..mayb nxt time i shall add lesser..

Got dear to wrap his own spring roll.. guess it makes the dinner more interesting since we can roll it ourselves and adjust the filling to our liking... and its n mess at all...d efinitely better than rolling popiah... I rem dear use to eat popiah thi sway at home too.
Will post up the recipe shortly