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Sunday, July 08, 2007


Was reading thru a blog of a member in the forum, and saw that she mention somethg bout Griottines. Reminds me that I impulsively bought that time at Carrefour. Pretty ex.. about $9plus I think, and i tot since they are chrries in liquere. they are pretty close to the kirsch I wanted... and so thats how it end up in my hse... left in my baking cupboard since then. Maybe Its too precious to let mi experiment on anythg and therefore Im waiting till now..

Since Karen was talking bout it earlier on, I decided to put up a post here to show her the one I got. Maybe she can get it at Carrefour too since she is looking for this.

It comes in a red box like this... Very small little box.. can be easily mistaken as perfume maybe??

I opened up the bottle and I can smell the cherry fragrance soak in the alcohol..suddenly I tot of brandied cherry icecream.

Now..who can advise me on how to use tis bottle of so precious cherry properly???