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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lychee Wolf Berry Ice Jelly

Weather real hot these days.. and I came across this magazine from the bookstore...saw the coverpage pic v attractive and bought it.
In it is this series of ice jelly recipes and tot its good to try since i got loads of ice jelly powder and konnyaku powder at home

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very easy to do

2g of ice jelly powder
2g of konnyaku powder
60 g of sugar
450ml water
150ml lychee syrup
some lychee to add in
some wolfberries to add in
2tsp of lemon juice

1. Boil water with the sugar and jelly powder.
2. Off fire, Add in wolf berry, lemon juice and lychee syrup.
3. POur into cup or glasses.. add in lychee and let it cool before u fridge it.

I think the combination of jellypowder and konnayaku powder give the whole jello a diff texture..Really nice.. so much tat.. I have to do another recipe for dear the very evening.