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Monday, November 13, 2006

Piping Recipe

A couple of people asked me bout recipe for the basket cake.. actualy there is no recipe for the basket weave.
The main thg is the whipping cream.
Just get a box of cream(I use Phoon Huat Topping cream), and whisk it till stiff peak, add chocolate colouring. and start piping. I tried freezing the cream overnight as suggested by a few friends but the piping do not turn out as good. Either the cream is too hard, or when it soften its very runny. So I prefer freshly whip cream.

Of cos if u wan very intensive colour U might need to add alot of liquid or gel colouring and it may thin your cream causing it to be runny again.. so for the basket, I used chocolate emuulco... it works wonderfully. So probably if I want a pink basket I shall use strawberry emulco next time. And lemon emulco for a yellow basket =)

About those pattenrs.. no recipe of cos.. its all about the tips u buy fr the shop and keep practising with them.. I really lack of practice.. Gonna use my left over cream and start piping soon..

Happy Piping!