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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Crazy Bout Macademia Nuts

Im Back!! Finaly... and now its all bout nuts..
I hardly like nuts.. peanuts, cashew nuts.. all nono to me.. since they are HARD and also they get stuck in btw my teeth so much.. and also I get itch on my eczema when I eat too much of them... the onli 2 nuts i like are pistachio.. and the long forgotten Macademia nuts.. forgotten because is freakign expensive.. so much that i dont even want to think of eating them...
All was re-ignited when Dear went Hawaii... Hawaii is famous for these!!!! everywhere u go u find macademia nuts... When i 1st went to Honolulu.. Dear gave me a pack of the nut to bring back to hotel.. feeling bo liao aloen int he hotel.. and hungry sicne i ahd very early dinner.. I opened it up and eat.. munch munch.. my monkey instinct creep back quietly in me... I had a good time eating it.. Btw.. its not cheap in Hawaii too.. 1 pack of these cost about USD$9.90.. and onli about 300g... I sort of ration it out to eat.. day in day out.. lunch will be eating these.. and supper too... (no wonder i got fat)

Ok.. so what do they look like? let me show u .. I went to the Macademia nut facotry... dear was teasign and said.. i will go bonkers if I go facotry cos so much nuts for mi to try... almost indeed... since its a factory, I alwasy liek to explore how food stuff industry works..

A super big "can" of nuts greets me outside the factory..

This is the nut's mascot.. cute rite??

Along the way into the factory.. we passed by the macademia nut plantations. estimated to have about 350000 trees there.. millions of nuts are havested every year..

The plantation

Trucks are used to collect the nuts after they drop off from the trees..

In the factory, we are given free samples of th nuts... dont worry.. Im non of those ugly singapoeans who kept going back for more samples.. i only had 1 each of the samples they offered.. shiok! very yummy.. they even have wasabi flaouvr(to cater to the jap visitor i guess) and also onion garlic flavour... but i liek the honey roasted one most.. since that flavour is not so salty.. and we bought 3 pack to bring bk.. cant afford to buy so much really.. luggage bursting and wallet exploding..
look at the range they have...

this is only just 1 corner of the factory... there are so many variety.. think eat 1 mth also will not b able to finish.. prob get too sick of nuts by then..

So what does the raw fruit looks like?? As we walk ard the factory.. we went near one of the trees.. and dear pick 3 nuts for me to bring home.. hehe so pleased...
Here it is.. look at the size of the unshelled nut

It is VERY HARD.. u need a hammer to hammer on it to break it.. anyway i stuffed the 3 nuts into my luggage as we came back.. it was still green... left it by the kitchen top and guess what happen the next day??
It sort of split open and I can remove the nut w/o any hassle... must b the weather here.. kind of strange rite?

the split open nut...

Anyway Dear also bought me some seeds of the nut to try planting them in singapore.. thou I know chances of gettign the nuts is low.. cos it take sa bloody 7 years to grow and have the 1st harvest.. (now u know why is it so ex?)and also i dont live in landed property.. but I still want to give it a try.. and dear dear knows i liek to grow stuff.. so he sweetly bought it for mi.. I got about 5 nuts seed i tink...=p

Now i still keeping all the nuts.. waiting for my mood to come and I shall have macademia nut planting day.... its meant for tropical weather and so I hope it will grow.. thou it takes quite some time to germinate... Meawhile I shall enjoy the rest of the nutty snacks dear bought for me =)..

Remember.. if u go Hawaii.. remember to buy these nuts! very yummy!