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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Mentaiko Prawn Pasta

Isetan supermarket had became our new hang out ever since edna started school. After class I usually feed her lunch and shop around after that. Before we go home we will pop by Isetan. For her to look at toys then to the supermart. I love to do grocery there since you can buy loads of stuff which an usual supermart do not offer.

I saw the mentaiko at the sashimi counter. Its a kind of fish roe, marinated to be spicy n slight saltish. I have eaten mentaiko lobster pasta, mentaiko tofu in the restaurants and love it... So I cant help but buy a pack of it. It doesnt come cheap.. cost about $14 for 4 small sac of roe...

I bought some tiger prawns as well.
Butterfly-ed them and stuff them with a mixture of the mentaiko and cheese. Pop them into the toaster to grill till cook and serve with the pasta that I had whipped up... quick n easy... no mess!!!

Mentaiko Pasta

The prawns bursting with the mentaiko filling