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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pumpkin steam brown rice

Dinner was Steam brown rice with pumpkin. Edith's recipe.. Tahnx Edith for sharing!!!

this is my 1st time cooking with pumpkin sinc ei dont fancy really sweet stuff.. it's texture reminds me of sweet potato actualy

I was blind enuff not to realise that i dont hav to precook both the rice or pumpkin.. argh.. I steam them beforehand. Anyway i simple stir fied what was required with the chicken and seasame seeds.. oh ya where did my sesame seed went to? like when i eat din taste any leh... haaa.. the tinge of dry shrimps make the taste of the 1 dish diiner good... smell so good.. not oily nor salty.. I love it. Hope i can do this again.. probably good enough to let ah dear eat as a diet lunch or dinner =)...
I made some miso soup as well since I was afraid he want something saltish...

Zooming off to make some avocado smoothie for him now..