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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Silicon Brush.. More hygienic food now!

Went to the lifestyle shop at United Sq.. saw this cute thingy and I thought its time for me to change to a new brush for egg washing soon...

This is much better than those hairy type of brush i use.. mainly because I always have problem washing those hairs after prolong usage of the brush.. i worry the eggs dry and stuck there cant eash off properly..scare soap trap in between hair... 1 brsuh was easy to wash which was from sweden but the hair is too plastic and cause me to poke my cookies... so this is good
!! soft and easy to wash... yeahhhhh...
Good thing was Dear very nice today.. he did not har here har there when i say want to buy thing heh.. he say want then buy lor and he din hurry me to see my stuff... heh so Im really happy...Actualy the 1st brush i pick up cost like $15 plus then I ask the girl got any other brand.. she show me the Masnad brand.. got 2 size with metal handle I liek very much but too ex.. and she sho wme this.. chepaer.. onli $5plus.. so I go this instead... yeah yeah yeah