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Friday, July 14, 2006

The day where 小巫见大巫

6th July is a special day..special additon to my home... a non living thing of cos... else it would not be penned in this blog...
The arrival of my Spar Mixer..
born as a 28kg baby... (sound like elephant uh?) I was so excited..but I was busy working no time to sayang it till yesterday where i sued it to make my sponge cake.. Its such a powerful darling that i keep over whiksing my egg white... shiok.. shiok.. tomolo try to make butter cake see how... banana cake also can.. then angie can be guinea pig on sunday...
oh ok.. enuff talking.. now let me show u the 2 babes in my kitchen

now i got the benefit of whiping the batter in 1 mixer.. and whipping egg white in anothe..speed things up and wash all together!! so happy