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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

10 Things I Miss About My Mom's Cooking

well.. I been tagged by Grace
so im supposed to say what i miss bout my mum cooking... hmmm
1. soup... her old cucumber soup, water cress soup... all cantonese soup which uses long hours of brewing... very shiok.. not forgetting the very sinful ingredients that rises our BP... scallop, cuttlefish, dates etc..
2. steam pork ribs with tau cheong and chilli.
3. steam minced pork with salted fish.
4. steam fish worh mushroom etc.
5. fried ngo her.. (threadfin) which cost a bomb...

actualy i cant think of any more things... cos muma ctualy seldom cook... if u realise all these things all mostly steam... or is it all?? ya.. she dun like to cook.. we we grew up literaly with rice n soup.. cos the soup will have vege, meat all in 1... so maybe i should add on what i miss bout my late grandma food

6. lor ak.. stew duck... very good.. too bad i never gotto learn fr her and now shes gone
7. hgoh hiang... 1 of its kind in the world.. .very good..
8. bak ki.. this one i managed to learn during grandma's wake.. sad rite?
9. vegetable pancake... anotherlsot recipe now ...
10. fried leather jacket fish... very simple.. till now i still like.. another 1 is her deep fry tau gua.. one of grandpa's favourite when he was around...

Food is something we should respect. jsut like how we respect elders.. I hope everyone do the same..cook with ur heart ns oul.. serve with respect to whoever who eat it... even your worker.. others its just an insult to our own food..